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Podcast Talent Coach Affiliate Partners
Podcast Talent Coach is happy to coordinate all of your related products and services needed to create a great podcast and web business.

These are trusted partner companies I use for Podcast Talent Coach and therefore recommend. These are select tools that have added value to my podcast and business.

When you use these affiliate links for the same products and services I use to create my podcast and website, I will receive a small commission.
Find Your Calling
WishList Member
Wordpress to create your site

ID3 Editor from PA Software to tag your mp3s

Libsyn for audio file hosting

PayPal for accepting payments

Canva for photos and graphics

Adobe Audition for audio editing

Create Space for book self-publishing

If you have any questions regarding any

of these resources, send an e-mail to


This page is updates as my tools change.

Most all links are affiliate links. I will receive

a small commission for any purchase made

through these links.
Audible can turn your car into a mobile classroom. This tool forces me to regularly listen to books. Learning is important in all we do. Click the image for details.
Wishlist Member is a tool I am using as I develop my membership site. Two things I like most are the one-time purchase and the great training videos. Click the image for more info.
Dan Miller at 48 Days is where my journey began. Dan inspired me to pursue the work that I love. If you are looking for your purpose, click the image for more info.
Jason and Jeremy at Internet Business Mastery have great information to help turn your knowledge into a business. Click the image for details on their coaching.
Homestead hosts this website and is NOT based on Wordpress. This platform allows me to build the site by clicking and dragging. Very easy. Click the image for details.
Michael Hyatt and Platform University have helped me truly focus my message and build my platform. If you desire to write a book, Michael's info can help. Click the image for details.
Dave Jackson at School of Podcasting has been my mentor while I have learned the technical side of podcasting. His coaching and tutorials have helped me more than anyone I have encountered.

If you have questions about your feed, website or other technical aspects of your podcast, I highly recommend you use Dave's knowledge and tools.

Click the School of Podcasting image for complete details and help.
Host Gator is the hosting service I use to host my Wordpress site over at www.ErikKJohnson.com. They have a strong help desk and are quick to respond. If you need web hosting, click the image for info.
Aweber is the tool I use to power my newsletter. The system was easy to learn and use. If you have yet to launch your list, this is a great tool that can help. Click the image for complete details.
A great workshop to learn how to podcast. My Show Prep Worksheet is one module.