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Michael Hyatt
Platform University
Michael Hyatt and Platform University have helped me organize my message and build my platform.

I like organization. Checklists are my friend. Step-by-step processes that allow me to add some creativity on top of it are tools I enjoy.

Michael Hyatt has a great membership site with Platform University. It is based on his book Platform, which is a must read as you develop your podcast. There is great learning inside the community. He only opens membership a couple times a year for enrollment. I got in early on this one and haven’t looked back since.

Inside Platform University, you will find Master Classes where Michael interviews other experts to dive deep into various subjects each month. In the Backstage Pass area, Michael shows you how he operates his platform. There are live member calls each month, member makeovers and so much more.

There is so much information inside Platform University. I use the great material I find most useful and dip into the other stuff when I find time. When I have questions about specific topics, I can usually find the answer inside Platform University.

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