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Dan Miller
48 Days To The Work You Love
Dan Miller and his book 48 Days To The Work You Love is where my journey began. Dan inspired me to pursue the work that I love. I originally discovered Dan and his work by listening to the Dave Ramsey Show.

If you are looking for your purpose, check out Dan's material. He is a true entrepreneur.


The thing I love about Dan is his simplicity. Dan isn't knee-deep in technology, like a lot of online business people. Though he has embraced the digital landscape more recently with the launch of his membership site, he is more about creating simple money-making opportunities that are right in front of us.

Whether is it reselling cars, selling digital content or running a gym, he has done it all. Dan can see a business opportunity anywhere. He has great tools to help you find your passion and the work you love.

Dan's most popular resource is “48 Low or No Cost Business Ideas”. These are great. When you read this e-book, you'll say to yourself, “Why didn't I think of that?” Dan has great ideas. The inspiration is a huge bonus.

Find Dan's resources here:
Find Your Calling
Find Your Calling