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At Podcast Talent Coach, I take great care to help our clients develop the "art" of podcasting.

Do you fear sounding like a beginner?

Do you desire to have stronger content?

Do you wish you could sound more prepared, more organized and more like a true, professional broadcaster?

Do you fear people will see you as someone simply trying to play the part of a professional?

Would you like to have more credibility while sounding like an expert rather than someone with a little knowledge of your topic?

Let me help you refine your content to transform your information into engaging entertainment. Sound like a pro. I will provide you with high quality coaching personalized for your unique needs.

Find out how you can receive a FREE coaching session.

Since 1995, I have coached successful radio shows and built nationally recognized radio stations. My own shows and stations have been recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters and other national organizations.

My real-world, proven knowledge and experience in coaching can help you create meaningful, powerful and profitable audience relationships.

My basic Personal Coaching Curriculum consists of a weekly 30-minute coaching session on the phone, a written recap and unlimited e-mail access.  Coaching is also usually available for a one-time critique.  Space is limited and all coaching plans are customized to the needs of your show.

Get complete details on my coaching services and the details on your free coaching session.

You can also contact me with questions using the "Request Information" box on the right. We can collaborate to create your improvement plan today.
Coaching Services From Podcast Talent Coach ...
The Podcast Talent Coach Workbook - $19
                 -- NOW IN PAPERBACK! --

This workbook contains the six key Podcast Talent Coach worksheets with detailed, step-by-step instruction how to best effectively.  Use this workbook to transform your information into engaging entertainment with fast, proven results.

Now in paperback, you can use the worksheets contained in the book along with copies available here on the website.

The worksheets include:
- Listener Development
- Show Focus
- Show Prep Planning
- Topic Development
- Story Development
- Show Review
"Erik has been the best talent coach I've ever had! He really helps you to 'know your audience', which is key to connecting to your listeners. He's also great at helping you simplify things." - Corey/Omaha

"It's your terrific recaps that make me feel incredible and want to pay you more ... You are good at what you do. I'm gonna take away so much from this learning experience. It's what I've been lacking."                                                        - Ken/Vancouver
ONLY $19
PTC Workbook
PTC Workbook - Kindle
ONLY $9.99