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Have you ever had the desire to start your own podcast? The itch to spread your message to the world?

Have you found the technical tools but lack the confidence in your art?

Many people get ready to record their podcast only to discover the impostor syndrome. They hear that little voice inside their head asking, "Who do you think you are?" They feel like the kid trying to sit at the adult table during the holiday feast. They feel like they are playing dress up.

There are many podcasts and coaches who teach you the technical side of podcasting. Erik K. Johnson is the premiere coach focused on the art of podcasting.

Erik K. Johnson has been near the top of the radio ratings since 2000.  He has also coached many others to do the same with even greater success.  Erik is a nationally recognized talent coach, on-air personality and radio program director.

While programming and on the air at KQCH/Omaha, his show ranked #1 or #2 nearly 90% of the time over 10 years. When he moved to KXKT/Omaha, he was #1 for over a year straight and in the top two for nine out of eleven ratings periods.

This success stretched beyond Erik's own personal show. Both stations dominated the market. KQCH knocked off the direct, 20-year heritage competitor within a year. KXKT was recognized multiple times by national radio organizations. The station also consistently performed at the top of the market. Erik coached other shows on both stations to great success and #1 rankings.

Erik can coach you as well.

Learn how to develop a trusting relationship with your audience. Erik will show you how to leverage that trust to create revenue.  You must master trust before you can begin to leverage the relationship. Learn how to tell great stories to captivate your audience.  Discover the true reason people listen and how you can tap into that strong, personal need.

Podcast Talent Coach is dedicated to the art and show business of podcasting. Our coaching style is personal. We treat every client as if we are part of the show. Other companies may offer services that teach the technical side of podcasting.  Podcast Talent Coach is the premiere coaching service focused on the personal side of the art of podcasting.

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